2023 Stainless Handpan from South Korea

  • Pricing
    – 9 notes: KRW 2,200,000 (Ding 1 + Note 8)
    – 10 notes: KRW 2,420,000원 (Ding 1 + Note 9)
    – More than 11 notes: Price will be decided up to the number of notes.
    Please contact to us.
  • Hardcase
    – Evatek M: KRW 440,000 (Hardcase Technologies)
  • Order here
    – handpansnd@gmail.com

* Before Purchasing

1. Oxidation
The surface of stainless steel is oxidized by moisture in the air and sweat of fingers. In this process, the surface of the instrument is peeled off and creating a natural gradation color by 2~3 years. This is not rust and does not affect the sound.

2. Hammer mark & Fine scratches
Hammer marks and fine scratches on the surface of the instrument are a phenomenon can occur due to the nature of handpan production. Therefore, exchange/refund is not possible due to the above two reasons.

* After Purchasing

1. Retune
The initial clear sound is going out of tune due to long-term playing, influence of temperature/humidity and external damage. Therefore we recommend to get the regular retune service once in a sixth months or a year. For now, we only retune our snd handpan.

2. Maintenance
Store in a dry, ventilated place to minimize exposure to direct sunlight and moisture. If foreign substances are on the surface, apply body oil to the cloth provided and wipe lightly.