As of 2023, Snd Handpan is the only handpan brand in Korea which has original technology for ‘harmonics tuning‘ that enables musical instrument production and tuning.

1. History of Handpan
Handpan is a musical instrument which originated from Switzerland in 2000. Handpan is a steel drum and was first designed by the Handpan master in Switzerland in 2000. Handpan were played by hippies at Goa  in India around 2006 and they have since been spreading out to all parts of the world. Europe and North America countries have been the leading Handpan makers and lately Japan and Korea have joined to develop more advanced sound and design of Handpan.

2. Snd since 2013
Snd is an abbreviation for “Sound & Design” which is one of the leading Handpan manufacturers since 2013 year in Asia. Snd was established by the Master, Hwang Hyoung Chul. It’s head office and studio is located in Hongdae, Seoul, an area which is known as the birth place of Korean independent music.

Hwang is a Veteran analogue and digital musician with more than 20 years experience in the music industry, performing with his group TALGAKGO and DIGITAL PUGSLEY which he founded 8 years ago.

He also worked as a music director for the Korean National Modern Dance Group.

He studied sounds engineering and he developed the algorithms through the sound software “HARMONIC VOICE EMOTIONS” and Snd is the final result of his researches and experiments.

Hwang has been applying his musical philosophy and engineering know-how into his Snd Handpan and also training his disciples and numerous musicians in Hongdae area of Seoul.

I pay respect to
all the artists and their works.

I wish my Handpan helps
to vibrate their motive and passion
to make the world better place.

– Hwang